Cologne (dpa) – The Bundesliga (HBL) handball does not expect the World Cup to be postponed in January, despite further concerns.

Other top European leagues are currently not as critical of the tournament in Egypt as some Bundesliga clubs due to the coronavirus pandemic, HBL director Frank Bohmann told the German news agency on Wednesday.

“The critical discussion we have here, we don’t have internationally. Other national associations, other leagues, don’t ask these critical questions,” said the 56-year-old. “So I don’t see any postponement of the World Cup.” The HBL is not fundamentally against the World Cup, Bohmann added. Previously, the HBL had tried to work out a common position for the World Cup with other top competitions.

Regardless, the concerns of the HBL are growing. Due to two corona cases at THW Kiel, two more lots had to be moved. It is not yet clear when the record matches for champions originally scheduled for next Sunday and December 16 at TuSEM Essen and against MT Melsungen will be moved. This is not the only reason why the mood within the clubs is not “running high,” Bohmann said after another phone call with the club’s bosses.

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