On the sixth day of the match, football fans in Germany will face various duels. Record champion Bayern Munich faces an easy task.

Both FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund represent the weeks of truth. In the Champions League it goes fast, in the competition there is a big showdown between the two top teams at the beginning of November.

But before that is the sixth matchday. Both Borussia and the record champions have supposedly easy tasks for their chest: the Favre-Elf has to go to Bielefeld, the Flick-Elf to Cologne.

Why the newcomer from Bielefeld is a danger to BVB, why FC Bayern should spare its top stars and what VfB Stuttgart can achieve on Friday evening can be seen in “Matchday fever” – the video format in which we look forward to the upcoming match day. You can find the message above or here.

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