Former Lebanese Prime Minister and Sunni politician Saad Hariri has warned of a possible civil war in the country. He claimed in an interview with local media on Thursday that Hezbollah was behind the crisis in Lebanon. Middle East Monitor reports.

Hariri expressed concern that the state’s collapse led to an arms race and military exercises on highways in the Beirut and Baalbeck-Harmel regions.

He blamed Hezbollah for the country’s crisis, saying the ban was not the responsibility of the Lebanese people. Hezbollah should let people live.

Highlighting the situation in Syria, Hariri said that Hezbollah wanted to treat Lebanese Sunnis as they were undergoing treatment in Syria.

“Many call me a weak man,” he said. Have they seen what has happened in Syria? Have they seen what happened to 85 percent of Sunni people? Are they anywhere now? Of course, I do not want the people of Lebanon to cause misery in Syria.

In the interview, Hariri announced himself as a potential candidate to head the new government. “I am definitely the candidate to lead the next government,” he said.

I will not close the door on the only hope of overcoming this fragile state of Lebanon.

Prime Minister Hariri resigned last autumn amid intense protests and street protests demanding the trial of an incompetent and corrupt political group. Later, the Hasan Diab-led government resigned in the wake of the Beirut bombings.

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