Has already achieved the first victory

The four-time world champion will move to the British racing team in 2021. Sebastian Vettel has suddenly reversed the balance of power in the conflict with Ferrari – the move is his great triumph. A reaction.

A financially strong racing team that wants to attack directly and a four-time Formula 1 world champion with a lot of anger in his stomach: Aston Martin and Sebastian Vettel bring together what belongs together. This decision suddenly shifts the balance of power. There is now only one big loser in the conflict between Vettel and Ferrari – and Sebastian Vettel is not. Suddenly, the Hessian is the winner – long before his first race in the new cockpit.

Because with his signature to the traditional British brand, the Hessian is sending a clear signal – he would not have chosen Aston Martin if he were not convinced of the total package: professionally set up, with functioning team management, clear hierarchy and competitive car – everything that goes with it. hears Ferrari was absent in recent years. Instead of the end of his career, which he says he was also thinking about, a clear hint: I am now going to a team that can offer me what you no longer wanted to offer me and – worse – couldn’t offer more. Vettel frees himself from Ferrari. The Scuderia now looks like a heavy ballast that Vettel is shaking off. A few weeks ago it was the other way around.

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Vettel took more blows

Vettel also made mistakes, both on the track and verbally. But Ferrari? A totally overwhelmed team boss, bad luck after bad luck and in 2020 also a car that is not competitive at the top – it was Vettel who had to cope with more setbacks in recent years. Aston Martin is now confident that the Hessian will turn pent-up rage into furious laps on the track. Racing Point, which will be taken over by the traditional British brand next year, is already at the forefront.

Picture this: Vettel will cross the finish line again and again in 2021 for the Reds of Maranello, cheating on his once-great love. Shows that the Italians’ decision against him and for Charles Leclerc was premature, hasty and wrong. That will also have appealed to him.

If you look at Vettel’s old and new team, this scenario is not only possible, but probably. It would be his great triumph. He’s already a winner.

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