A young woman asked Donald Trump’s lawyer for an interview. After the official appointment, Rudy Giuliani grabbed his pants – then an actor stormed in.

It’s a scene that shouldn’t make the US president’s election campaign any easier: Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, was asked for an interview last July. Maria Bakalova asked for it. Giuliani had no idea: Bakalova is not a reporter, she works as an actress. At that point she made the new “Borat” movie. When Bakalova and Giuliani met for the alleged interview, the young woman began flirting with the Trump lawyer after the official conversation. Various American media report unanimously.

So it went on: a video shows them both in a hotel room. Giuliani is lying there on the bed; and hits between the legs. That’s when actor Sacha Baron Cohen, known for his role as Borat, bursts into the room. Several hidden cameras have recorded the scene. He shouts: “She’s 15 years old, she’s too old for you!” However, the portal “IMDB” reports that Bakalova is actually 24 years old.

Giuliani called the police

The incident only now became public, now the US president’s lawyer justifies himself on Twitter, claiming the video is a “complete invention.” He just removed the recording device, then put his hand in his pants. Giuliani added, “I did not act inappropriately before, during or after the interview. If Sacha Baron Cohen says otherwise, then he is an ice cold liar.”

Giuliani apparently didn’t realize until later that he had been tricked by actor Cohen. He told the New York Post that he called the police. The film, in which the scene is believed to have been seen, will be available on Amazon Prime from October 23.

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