“He hopes for more, not less violence”

Republicans are trying to mobilize their voters with horror scenarios in the case of Joe Biden’s election victory. But Donald Trumps Challenger continues to counterattack.

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While Donald Trump delivered his nomination speech to his supporters in the White House rose garden on Thursday night (local time), his Democratic challenger Joe Biden countered the US president’s accusations and attacks with several posts on Twitter. “Donald Trump has not built a wall around the US, the world has built a wall around us,” Biden wrote in a tweet. Another says, “From the moment Covid-19 surfaced, President Trump downplayed the threat, refused to listen to the pundits, and took no action to stop the spread. Now we are paying the price.”

The Democrats had already harshly attacked Trump before his appearance, accusing him in particular of a failure in the Corona crisis. A pandemic is “relentless,” Biden’s runner-up Kamals Harris said Thursday. “You can’t stop them with a tweet.” Trump did not act more decisively, in part because he feared a drop in stock prices that could diminish his chances of re-election, she said. “That was more important to him than saving the lives of Americans.”

Biden: “He pours more gasoline on the fire”

Harris, who identifies herself as an African American – her parents came to the US from India and Jamaica – also tackled the US racism problem with sharp words. “The reality is that the life of a black person in America was never considered a full human life,” she said. America must recognize this structural racism and initiate, among other things, police and judicial reform.

Biden accused Trump of stirring up violence in the country to gain political advantage. “He’s pouring more gas into the fire,” Biden told MSNBC on Thursday. “He hopes for more violence, not less violence.”

Vice President Pence instills fear in speech

In recent days, after a black American was shot in the back during a police operation in the state of Wisconsin, there had also been violence during protests. The promise of “law and order” was a key message at Trump’s Republican convention – Vice President Mike Pence said Wednesday, among other things, “You will not be safe in Biden’s America.”

Biden countered, “The problem is we are now in Donald Trump’s America.” The Republicans did not discuss the corona crisis or the reasons for the protests at the party conference. In addition, Biden accused the speakers at the Republican Congress of lying: “Lies, lies, lies. One by one.” To Trump himself, he said, “I think we all know this man has a somewhat pathological tendency not to tell the truth.”

Trump appears in front of his official residence

Shortly before, Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Majority Leader in the US House of Representatives, had said that in her opinion, given Trump’s behavior, there should be no debate among the presidential candidates. Biden stressed in the interview that he will meet with Trump, “I’ll argue with him. I’ll be the fact-checker on the ground.”

The performances of Biden and Harris were a kind of preemptive strike in the election campaign. On Friday night, at the end of the Republican Congress, Trump delivered his speech on the official acceptance of the nomination as a presidential candidate. The president appeared before his official seat. Biden criticized the incumbent using the White House as a background.

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