“He trusted him and is now dead”

A storm of anger against Donald Trump is raging online because the US president was aware of the corona risk early on and deliberately downplayed it. On Twitter, users express their grief and anger in highly personal stories.

US President Donald Trump deliberately downplayed the corona crisis – this has now certainly been proven. Author and journalist Bob Woodward has published interviews clearly showing that Trump was informed in February that the virus is in the air and has a higher death rate than the flu. During this time, Trump publicly referred to the low number of cases in the US and repeatedly claimed that the virus would go away on its own.

You can hear the explosive tape recordings in the original here in the video. The sound recording has also gone viral on Twitter. Under the hashtag #Trumpknew (German: Trump knew about it), thousands of people share their stories, their anger and especially their grief over the nearly 200,000 people who have died of the coronavirus so far in the US. Others post photos of the president with blood on his hands.

User David Beard tells the story of a 28-year-old teacher in the US state of South Carolina. She taught third grade. She tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday. She died Monday. ‘

A user named Denise writes that her mother also died of Covid-19. And Trump knew and lied. He downplayed it as hundreds and thousands of Americans died. My heart was broken yesterday listening to the tapes. Now I’m angry. I stay angry and now I’m even more determined to do that. to see this monster. “

Some wonder how different the past months could have been, whether the number of deaths would have been significantly lower or whether medical care could have been secured. “Dead Americans don’t tell him anything,” writes one user and also shares the audio recording. A Twitter user who calls herself Francie writes that her father-in-law passed away from Covid-19 last month. “He said Trump would tell us if there was anything that was killing us. He trusted Trump and now he’s dead. May Trump burn in hell,” she writes.

US President Trump responded to the charges on Thursday, handing over responsibility. Bob Woodward had my quotes for months. If he thought they were that bad or dangerous, why didn’t he give them up right away to save lives? Wasn’t he obliged to do that? No, because he knew. that the answers were right and correct, ”he writes.

Lots of angry comments gathered under his tweet. “You knew how bad the virus is and you just wanted to save the stock market from a crash,” one user accuses and demands, “Take a step back.”

Numerous others joined the demand and expressed support under #resignnowtrump (German: step back now Trump).

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