Melsungen (dpa) – Handball national goalkeeper Silvio Heinevetter has spoken out in the face of increasing pressure on deadlines for playoffs in the Bundesliga handball.

“If some teams are left without a draw in the future, especially the clubs that play internationally, then you will have to find a different solution. Ultimately, the solution may be to play a play-off round,” said MT Melsungen’s goalkeeper. “Sport Bild”. Due to cancellations and postponements due to the corona pandemic, there is currently up to four games difference between the clubs in the Bundesliga.

“Playing the title with playoffs and clarifying the relegation issue with playdowns is a sensible alternative for me,” said Heinevetter. The head of the Bundesliga handball, Frank Bohmann, said: “Our working group is also looking at a possible playoff model. Silvio Heinevetter’s idea is not entirely absurd.”

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