The slum Moria on Lesbos burned down in the summer. The new homes for thousands of migrants on the Greek island are hardly better. Conditions are especially dangerous for children.

A three-year-old girl was allegedly raped at the beginning of the week in the improvised refugee camp Kara Tepe on the Greek island of Lesbos. The organization SOS Children’s Villages informed about this on Friday; an employee of an aid organization in the camp confirmed the incident to the German news agency in Athens.

According to SOS Children’s Villages, the child was found unconscious and bleeding in one of the toilets on Monday and investigations were ongoing. “We are very upset,” said Boris Breyer, spokesman for the aid organization. “Since the makeshift camp was built in September on the former Kara Tepe military training ground, we have repeatedly pointed out the dire conditions and warned of the dangers – especially for children.”

A major fire left 10,000 refugees homeless

The Kara Tepe camp was established after the original Moria camp was destroyed by a major fire. By the end of the summer, about 10,000 refugees and migrants had become homeless overnight.

About 7,500 people currently live in the new makeshift camp. The supply situation and hygienic conditions are completely inadequate and the atmosphere is extremely tense, says Breyer. Even in the previous camp, Moria, there were repeated outbreaks of violence.

According to SOS Children’s Villages, in response to the rape, the Greek government has decided to move 200 people, mainly children and families, to another camp, which is also located on the former military training ground. SOS Children’s Villages has been supporting refugee children and families on Lesbos with psychological help and education for years.

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