Berlin (AP) – National player Benjamin Henrichs of RB Leipzig criticized the current very high burden on professional football players for the DFB team’s test match against the Czech Republic (8.45 p.m. / RTL).

“There is a lot going on. You should not underestimate the journeys,” said the 23-year-old in an interview with the news portal ” Chillreport”. The day before, Henrichs had missed training for the national team due to problems with the patellar tendon and should therefore not be an option for the match in Leipzig.

“It’s not easy. You have a game on Saturday, the day after you are broken. The second day after that you are actually still broken, but then you have the last practice for the next game”, Henrichs said. The four-time international has already found a way to deal with the situation: “I make sure I sleep well, that helps me. In addition, I always go to the cold room in Leipzig.” The room is minus 110 degrees. “After that I feel fresh again.”

Henrichs also criticized the public’s opinion of the national team. “After my last appearance against Turkey, I had the feeling that the audience was very focused on the results. It was not taken into account whether a player was long gone or whether he had a heavy burden behind him.: 3 looked. The focus was not on the overall picture. “

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