Hertha manager Preetz: No discussion about Draxler

Berlin (dpa) – Manager Michael Preetz refuses to get involved in speculation about further purchases from Hertha BSC and has also reacted very cautiously to a possible transfer of Julian Draxler to the Berlin Bundesliga club.

“He has a contract with Paris Saint-Germain, it is well known, and he was also used in the final tournament of the Champions League. It does not help us if we keep discussing every day. We try to do our job,” said Preetz. at a press conference.

Due to the second money injection from investor Lars Windhorst of a total of 150 million euros, the Berliners in the Corona crisis are seen as a solvent club. However, Preetz sees a very difficult transfer market and does not expect many decisions until shortly before the end of the transition period on October 5. “It’s been an incredibly complicated summer of transfers. Everyone is feeling the effects of the Corona. I expect there will be a lot of developments in the back.”

The Berliners have only contracted goalkeeper Alexander Schwolow from SC Freiburg and the Dutchman Deyovaisio Zeefuik from FC Groningen. Moreover, the Frenchman Lucas Tousart, who had already signed up in the winter, came to Berlin from a lease with Olympique Lyon. Draxler, who is a PSG only reservist, has been a potential Hertha candidate for months.

Meanwhile, Hertha BSC is looking to prepare for a possible fan return to Bundesliga games by the end of the year, despite the threat of spectator exclusion. “The highest priority is health. This also applies to the discussion about the admission of viewers. Yet we see it as our duty to prepare for the re-admission of viewers, in any steps and for any period,” said Preetz. . The manager of the Berlin Bundesliga club said they wanted to “respond to scenarios at short notice”.

Shortly before, it was announced that no fans would be allowed to play in the Bundesliga until the end of the year. At the suggestion of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), larger sporting events with spectators should be banned until at least December 31, 2020. According to information from the German news agency, this is stated in a proposal for a federal resolution for the round of the chancellor and the prime minister. According to the proposal, there may be exceptions in regions with a very low number of infections. According to the current legal situation, 5,000 people would have been admitted to the stadium in Berlin by October 24.

Before the international match kicked off next week, Preetz made it clear that Hertha BSC would exercise its right to refuse to be relegated if professionals have to play in corona risk areas. “We will not take out a player if there are health problems,” said Preetz. This is possible after a new resolution by FIFA. Ten Hertha professionals have been nominated for their national teams.

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