A group of hikers wanted to climb the Kehlstein when an accident happened: a Briton fell deep into a gully. Weather conditions made the rescue operation difficult.

A hiker fell about 100 meters at Berchtesgaden – and was seriously injured. Despite the fog and the beginning of winter, a rescue helicopter managed to fly the 29-year-old to a hospital, emergency services announced on Tuesday.

The Briton wanted to climb the Kehlstein with three other holidaymakers only in shorts and sneakers on Monday. However, with the bad weather and slippery surface, they had trouble finding their way and getting ahead. The 29-year-old fell through a rocky gully and seriously injured his thigh, head and feet.

Dense fog makes rescue difficult

When the emergency call came in, the rescuers said they should first know where the vacationers were. A flight in a helicopter was initially not possible due to the dense fog, nor was it possible to locate the mobile phone and request coordinates.

Only after specific telephone inquiries, a smart photo of the caller and with the help of binoculars were they finally able to find and rescue the walkers. While the injured man was taken to the clinic by helicopter, the mountain rescuers abseiled the other hikers. Nothing had happened to the three men.

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