Before the 2021 assembly elections in West Bengal, India, the state’s current ruling party, the Trinamool Congress, is in a hurry to leave. The current Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has left work at the grassroots level and is coming to the ruling BJP at the Center. On Saturday, eight MLAs, including Minister Shuvendu Adhikari, joined the BJP at the ground level in the presence of Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Midnapore. Among those who joined BJP on this day were leaders of some other parties, but most of them belonged to Trinamool Congress.

On Saturday, Amit Shah claimed that the tide of grassroots abandonment would continue. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will be alone at the ground level during the elections. He will remain the sole leader and sole worker of the party. In the next elections, the BJP will win 200 out of 294 seats in West Bengal. At a press conference on Sunday, Trinamool leaders taunted Amit and said that the BJP was seeking so many seats by dividing one Shuvendu.

Trinamool leader and Panchayat Minister Subrata Mukherjee said, ‘We had some reports prior to Ishwendu’s defection. So we were not shocked. Some people have voiced. We do not think so. We have a leader named Mamta Banerjee. Mamta’s popularity is our strength. And neither is our party nor government. But Congress and CPM have not been in government for a long time. Some have also left their teams. It is a political disease. There is no harm in taking Shuvendu.

Subrata Mukherjee said, “We call it a betrayal, not a political departure. The people of Bengal will recognize this group of traitors. ‘

Obviously, a major reason behind the departure of long-time leaders is grassroots infiltration. This is made clear in the statements of the resigning leaders.

Former Trinamool MP Sunil Mandal from Burdwan East attended Amit Shah’s meeting in Midnapore. Kalawan Trinamool MLA Biswajit Kundu was recently removed from the party’s city president post and Devprasad Bagh, known as the leader of his anti-group in the area, was appointed to the post. Since then, Biswajit Babu has not been seen in the party’s schedule. He held a meeting with the ground leadership in Kolkata on Thursday. That day, Biswajit Babu demanded some reshuffle in the local leadership of the party at that meeting. He postponed the decision to leave the party on the assurance of consideration. But as you can know on Friday night, a Trinamool MP claimed that he was in the party before it was fruitful. Distressed, he approached Shuvendu Adhikari.

Saikat Panj, an MLA from Monteshwar in the same district, had not previously expressed public outrage against the party. On joining the BJP, the grassroots group has pointed fingers at the problem of politics.

Apart from Shuvendu, three MLAs from East Midnapore have joined the BJP. He is Banashree Maiti, Trinamool MLA from North Kanthi, Tapasi Mandal, CPM MLA from Haldia and Ashok Dinda, CPI MLA from Tamluk.

According to Banashree, I came into politics after seeing Shuvendu. I will follow their stated path.

Left legislator Tapasi claimed that he could not work for the party. And Sabung leader Amulya Maiti claims that the main reason for her resignation is a dispute with Manas Bhuiyan.

Ghazal MLA Deepali Biswas won the CPM ticket in the 2016 assembly elections with the support of the Congress. In the same year, she and her husband Ranjit joined the grassroots holding the hand of Shuvendu. On this day the couple moved to BJP.

Local sources claimed that Dasharatha Tirke, a Trinamool MLA from Nagerkata and former Trinamool MP from Alipurduar, had changed her party in the last Lok Sabha elections in view of BJP’s growing influence in tribal areas and Dwarka’s tea belt. However, knowing that these two leaders are coming to the party, BJP workers held protests in various places of Dwarka on this day.

The BJP is leading in most areas of the district including Purulia municipality in terms of Lok Sabha election results. According to political observers, Sudeep Mukherjee changed his party in hopes of becoming an MLA again. Sudeep, who is considered close to Shuvendu, said that people now want the BJP.

Former MLA Parvez Rahman, who has been in the party since the birth of Trinamool, was angry that he did not get a ticket in the last assembly election. On joining the BJP, he claimed that the Trinamool did not invite him to join Shuvendu. People need a platform to work. That’s why I joined the BJP.

Shyam Mukherjee, a former minister of state and former mayor of Bishnupur in Bankura, recently lost his post as city administrator. Shyambabu claims that he did not leave an opportunity to work for the people and left it at the ground level.

Kanishka Panda, who was recently expelled from District Trinamool in East Midnapore, Dhirendranath Patra joined BJP today. From the west, the party has replaced Zilla Parishad members Amulya Maiti, Ramprasad Giri, Tapan Dutt, Kaberi Chattopadhyay, former mayor of Medinipur, Pranab Basu, Trinamool Kisan Cell president Dulal Mandal and Shuvendu among others.

West Midnapore district Trinamool president Ajit Maiti said, “Some people think that what they have taken here is complete, now they will go there. It will not harm the team.” Sources: Anandbazar, Indian Express, Nowadays .

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