Holocaust: Americans have little knowledge

According to a data collection in the US, people in the US think the Jews are responsible for the Holocaust. Other facts also paint a terrifying picture of ignorance.

According to a new study in the US, 11 percent of adults under 40 believe that Jews caused the Holocaust. At the same time, 63 percent are unaware that about six million Jews were murdered in the process. This was the result of a poll published Wednesday for the Claims Conference. Twelve percent of US citizens surveyed said they had never heard of the Holocaust. The Claims Conference – an association of Jewish organizations – provides material compensation for survivors.

The ignorance about the number of victims is particularly great

1,000 people in the US were interviewed for the national figures and another 200 in each individual state to determine the situation there. It found that the proportion of those who hold Jews responsible for the Holocaust is particularly high in New York State at 19 percent. Ignorance about the number of victims was especially high in Arkansas (69 percent) and Delaware (68 percent).

Holocaust is the term used almost worldwide for the genocide of the Jewish population of Europe by the National Socialists. About six million people fell victim to it. The term Holocaust comes from the Greek word “holokauston” and means burnt offering (literally: “completely burnt”). People of the Jewish faith usually use the Hebrew word Shoah – catastrophe.

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