There is still no winner in the presidential election. But the number of votes in the states is slowly coming to an end. When can a result be expected?

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In the US, the results of the presidential election are still a long time coming. It’s a head-to-head race between the Republicans ‘incumbent Donald Trump and the Democrats’ challenger Joe Biden. Read here who is currently ahead in which state.

Days after the election are counted in five states. The right to vote differs from state to state. An overview:

Pennsylvania – 20 voters

So the status is: According to data provider Edison Research, Biden leads in the main federal state after 96 percent of the vote counting more than 28,000 votes. He has a 0.5 percentage point lead over Trump. The Pennsylvania franchise law is automatically recounted when the difference is 0.5 percentage points or less. Postal ballots with a postmark on election day (3 November) or earlier could still be accepted on Friday.

The Supreme Court ordered Pennsylvania on Friday to separate the votes received after 8 p.m. local time on election day from the other ballots.

Prediction: The count could take a few more days, the state’s election authorities confirmed. A full recount of the votes is still possible.

Georgia – 16 electorate

This is the status: Biden has a lead of more than 4,000 votes, according to Edison Research. 99 percent is counted. Trump must win in both Pennsylvania and Georgia to win the election. Since the gap is only a few thousand votes, a recount is likely, according to State Secretary Brad Raffensberger. This is only possible after confirmation of the election results.

Prediction: A final result is expected by November 20 – with the limited result, a recount could also take place in Georgia.

Arizona – 11 voters

So the status is: According to Edison Research, Biden comes in at 49.6 percent and Trump at 48.7 percent – that’s a lead of 29,861 votes. 97 percent of the ballots are counted, 173,000 are still missing. These include more than 40,000 preliminary ballots. You must first check whether you are eligible to vote and whether the votes can be admitted.

Prediction: The provisional ballots will not be counted until Wednesday, State Secretary Katie Hobbs confirms to CNN. There is no end result for that either.

Nevada – 6 voters

This is the status: According to Edison Research, Biden leads with 22,657 votes, or 1.8 percentage points. About 93 percent of the votes are counted.

Prediction: The local authorities expect that the majority of the ballots will be counted on Sunday.

North Carolina – 15 voters

This is the status: So far 98 percent of the votes have been counted. Here Trump leads with 76,515 votes or 1.6 percentage points. Postmarked ballots up to election day may be counted, provided they are received before November 12.

Prediction: A definitive result is not expected until next week.

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