How the Tennis Player Became a “World Star” at the US Open – Commentary

Alexander Zverev first led in the US Open final against Dominic Thiem, after which he eventually fought and cried. He didn’t win the title and became a “world star” that night – a note.

In the end, he wasn’t always loved by fans, often criticized for his off-court actions – but in the US Open final against Dominic Thiem, Alexander Zverev proved that he belongs in this tennis world and is now one of the greats. A reaction.

“Zverev has become a world star”

He did magic and he fought, he showed emotion and stayed calm, he showed greatness and he cried – Alexander Zverev grew in this final of the US Open and the tournament weeks in Flushing Meadows. And fans all over the world, but especially in Germany, saw it. On this Sunday evening, Alexander Zverev became a world star – and in Germany he should finally be counted among the greats.

The 23-year-old hung out wrong for a long time the dubious reputation of a highly talented but arrogant tennis snobHis self-assured demeanor was interpreted as arrogance, his outbursts on the field as a disrespect, his club throw as immaturity. How many times has he been condemned, “He will never be a star like this” or “He will never be loved like this”? He once complained that tennis players in Germany are only measured by their Grand Slam successes – a pressure that at times seemed to paralyze him. Of course he also made mistakes – public discussions with coaches or otherwise participation in the controversial Adriatic tour by Novak Djokovic.

“He burns for this sport”

But at the latest with his moving performance in the final in New York and after, even his harshest critics should be clear: Alexander Zverev is passionate about this sport, he is there with heart and soul, a gifted tennis player and a person of stature – a real personality with charisma, of which there are so few outside of football.

A world star. Time for him to receive this appreciation in Germany as well.

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