The big young German hope will celebrate her long-awaited debut with Haas during practice. And how is Vettel in his last race for Ferrari? The most important questions about the race weekend.

The last of a total of 17 races in this crazy Corona season will be held at dusk in Abu Dhabi (Sunday from 2.10 p.m. in the live ticker on Chillreport). The world titles for drivers and teams have long been awarded – yet there will be several exciting moments. The most important questions about the season finale at a glance.

What’s next for Mick Schumacher?

Before the young man with the big name, the brand new Formula 2 champion, becomes a regular driver at Haas next season, Schumacher will celebrate his debut in the premier class on Friday.

The 21-year-old rides for his new team in the first free practice session after the first scheduled performance at the Nürburgring. fell into the water. “The great thing is that this time I don’t have to worry about the weather,” said Schumacher. We are eagerly awaiting how the top talent will present themselves – just a few weeks ago Schumacher emphasizes in an interview with Chillreport: “I feel ready for Formula 1”.

Is Lewis Hamilton driving again?

Thursday evening came redemption: the old and new world champions return to the Mercedes cockpit. As the racing team and world motorsport association Fia announced, the Briton will receive approval for the Grand Prix on Sunday after some negative corona tests.

Hamilton tested positive for the corona virus twice a week ago on Monday and then had to be quarantined in Bahrain. He therefore missed last Sunday’s penultimate World Cup run in Sakhir, where Williams regular driver George Russell replaced him – and a dramatic race to experience. The quarantine has ended and Hamilton traveled to Abu Dhabi on Thursday. On arrival he was tested negative and thus fulfilled the last condition for access to the Formula 1 paddock. He can participate in training there on Friday, Russell will drive for Williams again in the weekend.

How will Sebastian Vettel enter his last race for Ferrari?

Before the grand final, Ferrari really did a lot for a harmonious farewell. Sebastian Vettel has left “huge footsteps” at Scuderia, said team principal Mattia Binotto, comparing the Germans to Michael Schumacher and Niki Lauda. The team also paid tribute to all of Vettel’s Ferrari victories with a photo series on the internet. Vettel was successful for the Italians a total of 14 times, making twelve posts. But the long-awaited next world title for Ferrari did not materialize.

The Hessian, however, put this charm offensive in the red for his last race a pretty down to earth review resisted – and revealed a problematic emotional distance, especially towards boss Binotto: “We respect each other,” said Vettel of the Gazzetta dello Sport, “but this kind of love that serves as a basis never developed between us.” The Italian Binotto is “a pragmatic person. Time will tell how the Ferrari team he leads will fare in the future.”

One last time in Ferrari overall: Sebastian Vettel. (Source: Image Images)

These are surprisingly candid words, but they confirm what was to be suspected: Vettel recently lacked the unconditional support of the top of the team. In 2015 he was brought to Maranello as a four-time world champion and great hope, it was initially promising, after all, he was twice vice world champion.

However, in 2019 aspiring Charles Leclerc joined the team and Vettel’s status was visibly crumbling. And the damn sixth year started in this case with the announcement that they would soon be going their separate ways. Binotto threw Vettel out at the end of 2020. Vettel was demoralized, the SF1000 also one of the worst Ferrari cars in history. The proud team will most likely finish the season in sixth place in the Team World Cup. Ferrari was last worse in 1980.

So Vettel will not be free from relief when his 119th race for Ferrari is over. He is looking forward to the restart at Aston Martin in 2021, this “exciting journey”.

Why does an era end?

After 29 years and 533 races, RTL is withdrawing from live coverage of Formula 1. The television rights had simply become too expensive for the Cologne broadcaster. For legendary pit lane reporter Kai Ebel with his extravagant clothing, it is a silent goodbye – RTL does not have its own team in Abu Dhabi due to the corona pandemic.

Fans in Germany can still find Vettel, Schumacher and Co. on Sky. The future of Ebel is still unclear, but that of long-time presenter Florian König is now certain – the 53-year-old will be the future “Double pass” moderate in Sport1.

What’s next after the race?

After the race, the Young Driver Test will take place in Abu Dhabi, where Mick Schumacher will also compete. Most pilots will enjoy their well-deserved Christmas break, some drivers like Sergio Perez (Racing Point) or Haas driver Romain Grosjean, who is also recovering from his horrific accident, have to look for a job. The new gigantic season with a total of 23 scheduled races starts on March 21, 2021 in Australia.

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