2nd Bundesliga

Holstein Kiel seized the victory that was thought to be certain at Hamburger SV’s last second. In injury time, the “storks” made up for the gap. The ex-Bundesliga club is still in first place.

Hamburger SV missed the sixth win in the seventh game of the season by just seconds. At Holstein Kiel, the Rothosen conceded the 1-1 equalizer in injury time.

Thanks to a header from Moritz Heyer, the guests took the lead just before half-time. That lasted until the first minute of injury time. Then Kiel’s Joker Mees grabbed the Hamburgers of the victory they thought were certain. The former Hanseatic Bundesliga club remains undefeated in first place.

A good week after the 2-2 in the derby against FC St. Pauli, HSV showed that the setback has apparently left its mark – there was a problem, especially in the offensive. The lead for HSV: Moritz Heyer headed the guests at the front of the game in Kiel. But in the end it was not enough to win. (Source: Holsteinoffice / image images)

The guests had more of the game, but Kiel deftly reduced the space and avoided the decisive passes to the top. In addition, the storks were always waiting to combine quickly through main player Jae-sung Lee. Fin Bartels (26th) then got the first good chance of the game for the home team.

Furthermore, the game went on for a long time without any real highlights. No wonder HSV needed a standard situation for the leadership just before half time. After a corner from Sonny Kittel, Jeremy Dudziak crossed the line again and Heyer was able to doze off to his first HSV goal without any problems – with the first real chance for the red pants.

Kiel remains Hamburg’s feared opponent

Despite the goal, Kiel then acted much more courageously and increased the pace with Lee, the Hamburgers were not always safe. Terodde and co could hardly provide relief. Kiel ran increasingly desperate – and was rewarded in injury time by Joker Mees.

Toni Leistner from Hamburg said after the game on Sky: “We could have played one or the other counterattack better and should have just put the lid on.”

The team of coach Daniel Thioune now has four points ahead of second place VfL Osnabrück and five points on fourth place, which Holstein now occupies.

The “storks” remain the feared opponent of the HSV. Also in the fifth meeting there was no victory over the northern rivals.

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