Berlin (dpa) – DFL Commissioner Peter Peters has denounced huge problems in German football and has also sharply criticized the DFB’s leadership. At the same time, the 58-year-old warned that there was a need to “talk about current and suspected undesirable developments”.

“In view of the dissonance at the DFB, I see the lack of cooperation at the top without any confidence,” said the German Football Association’s (DFB) first vice president of professional football in a “kicker” guest post.

At the DFB there is “an incredible amount of missteps. I can no longer imagine that this mistrust can be removed,” said Peters, who is also deputy spokesman for the presidium of the German Football Association (DFL), about the current situation between the association . and competition.

The representatives of the regional associations in the Presidium must now take their responsibility and decide “what is best for the DFB. Hard decisions are needed, the time of Christmas is now the last pause to think about it and further damage the DFB, “warned Peters. .

Even DFB president Fritz Keller did not take Peters out of his criticism. He himself knows that he did not always do everything right in his first year of office. But: “In the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 we have seen Fritz Keller for years as driven by values ​​and of a steadfast nature – and even now there is no reason to doubt his integrity,” said Peters, emphasizing that the DFL is always interested. . with a strong DFB.

The former CFO of FC Schalke 04 will be elected a member of the FIFA Council in April at the UEFA Congress at the proposal of the DFB Presidium. “My goal is to promote the interests of German football and UEFA in FIFA. I feel bound to that and I let myself be measured by it,” said Peters.

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