Rescuers have returned 108 of the hundreds of whales stranded off the coast of Australia. Marine experts say there are no more live whales stranded on the west coast of Tasmania. But hundreds of apprehensions have been raised as to what to do with the carcasses of hundreds of whales killed on the coast. This information has been revealed by the British media BBC report.

In the last few days, about 350 whales have died off the coast of Tanzania in Australia. Record numbers of these animals have died, mainly pilot whales. Australian authorities are under severe stress with the carcasses of a large number of these animals. On Friday, 15 whales were first buried experimentally at sea. If this process is successful, the rest will be decided.

A statement from Tasmanian officials confirmed on Saturday that 107 live whales had been returned to the sea. The statement claimed that the rescue work was carried out after five days of rescue work.

An official statement said efforts were underway to remove the whale carcasses. However, this may take several days. And this will depend on wind, currents and other conditions.

Exactly what caused the whale to come to shelter is not known. However, it is implicated in a record number. Earlier, in 1935, 294 whales were trapped on the state’s west coast. In 1998, 320 whales were trapped in Western Australia.

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