Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán has indicated his intention to block EU projects in the field of the rule of law. It had previously agreed to cut spending if countries violate the rule of law.

Following the EU agreement on a new procedure to reduce EU funds in case of certain rule of law violations, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has vetoed a possible Hungarian veto on EU budget decisions.

“There is no time now for discussions on the rule of law,” he said on state radio on Friday. It is now rather a matter of which EU countries most affected by the corona pandemic get the money from the planned corona rescue fund as soon as possible, according to the right-wing politician. “I’m talking about the southern European countries. Hungary has the necessary financial resources for the next two years.”

EU bodies have identified serious shortcomings in Hungary

Hungary – along with Poland – is bitterly opposed to attempts to tie payments from EU funds from the next seven-year budget and from the Corona rescue fund to the rule of law and democracy. In both countries, EU bodies and independent organizations have identified serious shortcomings in the independence of the judiciary, freedom of the media and the fight against corruption.

Emphasizing that Hungary is financially secure for the next two years and does not rely on funds from the Corona rescue fund, Orbán had no imminent threat of veto power, the news portal wrote in an analysis. “But he also indicated that a veto is possible because the country is not in a worse situation,” he said.

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