Hurricane Laura: 14 killed in US

Hurricane Laura has killed at least 14 people in Louisiana and Texas, USA. The BBC reports that officials in both states have confirmed the information.

A four-intensity cyclone hit Cameron, a small city in Louisiana, on Thursday with winds gusting at 150 mph.

In many southern states, 900,000 homes and businesses were cut off by Laura’s violence. Chemicals also catch fire in an industrial plant.

The BBC reports that although it later lost power and turned into a tropical storm, Laura is still the cause of heavy rain in many US states.

Of the 14 people killed in the storm so far, 10 are from Louisiana. Four people have died in Texas.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has sought financial support from the federal government to deal with the disaster.

The White House said on Saturday that US President Donald Trump was visiting the storm-ravaged area.

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