Hundreds of thousands without electricity, wind speeds of up to 175 kilometers per hour: Hurricane “Zeta” is causing devastating damage in the southern United States. Tornadoes and storm surges are also possible.

With wind speeds of up to 175 kilometers per hour, hurricane “Zeta” reached the US Gulf Coast. The category two out of five cyclone hit land in southeastern Louisiana, the US hurricane center announced Wednesday. Videos showed heavy rain in the region near the metropolis of New Orleans in the southern United States. Meteorologists also warned of tornadoes.

“Zeta” is expected to weaken over the southern states of the US and move further northeast. The hurricane center warned residents of the hurricane of recklessness: “Don’t dare go out in the calm eye of the storm as the dangerous winds will soon return.”

US media reported that a 55-year-old man died in Louisiana from a dropped power cable. The rescuers could no longer help him. Photos and videos on social networks showed rain and wind blowing through the streets and roofs of houses.

Hundreds of thousands in Louisiana without power

Warnings were also issued of dangerous storm surges along the Gulf Coast between southeastern Louisiana and western Florida. Louisiana’s Governor John Bel Edwards warned on Wednesday, “You must complete your preparations.” According to the website “”, more than 400,000 people in Louisiana alone were without electricity on Thursday evening.

In recent days, “Zeta” had toppled trees and power pylons in the Yucat√°n Peninsula in southeastern Mexico, causing floods and blackouts. The storm hit there late (local time) on Monday evening.

In this year’s hurricane season in the Atlantic, which runs from June to November, so many strong storms have already formed that the 21 names given in alphabetical order have been used up. The meteorologists therefore resorted to the Greek alphabet, which was last needed in 2005. Experts say the increasing intensity of tropical cyclones, which need warm water to form, is a result of climate change.

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