The DFB team will start their last three international matches of the year on Wednesday. Before that, manager Bierhoff spoke about the current mood – and a ‘dark cloud above the team’.

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DFB director Oliver Bierhoff called for more support and respect for the newly formed national football team for the last international matches of the year. “It pains me enormously how the young players are dealt with,” Bierhoff said on Monday in a fifteen-minute speech of fire during a video conversation with journalists. He felt “like a dark cloud floating over the team”, so Bierhoff continued: “I’m in the locker room and see tired faces, tension and frustration because things don’t always go the way you want.”

Bierhoff appeals: “The young people deserve trust”

It pains him that the unrest of national coach Joachim Löw and the will of the young players are not sufficiently honored and supported, Bierhoff criticized: “You can criticize Jogi and me as responsible, but the young players have earned our trust – and they will refund it. “

Bierhoff repeatedly emphasized that his appeal was “not about pity”. “We have a prominent position,” said the 52-year-old, “but there are people too.” For him it is not about not allowing criticism “but about the tonality, the mood that is usually brought in”.

“Not exactly the campfire of Germany”

But of course he knows “that we are not Germany’s favorite child right now and not the campfire, that’s just a fact,” said the director of the DFB: “It’s just like in real life: we have to regain trust. ” The young players would approach this “with heart and passion”.

The DFB selection will test Wednesday (8.45 p.m., in the live ticker on Chillreport) in Leipzig against the Czech Republic. Then the last two group matches of the Nations League in Leipzig against Ukraine (November 14) and in Seville against Spain (November 17 / both 8.45 p.m., in the live ticker on Chillreport) are on the agenda.

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