I traveled 1200 km by bike with my pregnant wife

Dhananjay Manjhi, a young tribal from the Indian state of Jharkhand, has traveled 1,200 km on a scooter (bike) with his pregnant wife. According to an India Today report, he did this difficult task of realizing his wife Sonny Sunny Hembram’s dream of becoming a teacher regardless of coronovirus.

To get a job as a teacher, one has to take an exam called Diploma in Education in India. According to the Anandbazar newspaper, Sony’s testing center was in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Due to coronaviruses, road communication is still not common and he is in misery. Due to poverty it was not possible for him to hire a taxi. However, her husband Dhananjay wanted to fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher.

Dhananjay is a cook by profession. But he is now completely unemployed due to the lockout. It was also very difficult for him to raise money for such a long journey. He had to sell his wife’s jewelry to raise money for fuel. He started his tour from Jharkhand and reached Gwalior via Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Dhananjay said that he reached the examination center on a scooter for three days. However, his visit was not very pleasant. Just as the wife’s physical condition, which was seven months pregnant, was at risk, she was also required to arrive at the testing center on time. Somewhere heavy rain and heavy rain somewhere. Sometimes one had to go through flooded areas of Bihar. He spent the night in a lodge in Muzaffarpur. I had to spend the night again at the toll plaza in Lucknow. In this way Dhananjay undertook a three-day journey.

Dhananjay, a resident of Godda district of Jharkhand, said that his inspiration in this work was Mountain Man ‘Dashrath Manjhi. Who cut a hill and built a road in memory of his wife.

Dhananjay’s wife Soni said, “We have come a long way with great risk. There was a time when I got off the scooter for back and back pain. I took refuge under a tree in heavy rain. Despite all the difficulties, my only goal was to reach the examination center with the inspiration of my husband. He was able to take the exam without any hindrance. Now her goal is to fulfill her husband’s dream of becoming a teacher. ‘

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