US President Donald Trump has said that he will win the next election by a wide margin. He claims that this time he will win by a larger margin against a Democrat opponent than in 2016. He made this claim at an election rally in Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

At a rally in Pennsylvania, Trump sharply criticized rival Joe Biden. He said that his government had revived the severely damaged economy in Corona. On the other hand, if he wins this election, Joe Biden will turn the United States into a socialist state.

Trump said “we’re going to have a great time”. Because, you are going to reject the remnant. I would say a thousand times that America can never be a socialist nation.

Meanwhile, Iran and Russia have received some information about the voters of the US presidential election to be held on November 3. US National Intelligence Agency director John Ratcliffe made this remark at a press conference just 13 days before the election.

Officials say Tehran is sending threatening emails to voters supporting Democrat candidate Joe Biden. John Ratcliffe said the e-mails were sent from a group of hardline Trump supporters. These have been sent with the aim of ‘provoking instability’.

Ratcliffe said a “spoof email” sent by Iran was used to “intimidate voters, spark chaos and tarnish President Trump’s reputation” using the name of Trump’s fanatical pro-boy group, the Proud Boys.

Threatened in the mail, you will vote Trump on election day, otherwise we will find you. Support Republicans by changing the upper end so we know you got our message. ‘

As of Wednesday, 40 million Americans had already voted before the presidential election. Source: PTI, BBC

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