US President Donald Trump has said that if valid votes are counted, I will win easily. He made this claim at a press conference at the White House on Thursday. The British media BBC reported this.

Trump has claimed this before. However the counting of votes still continues. Furthermore, these votes are not invalid. The valid postal vote count continues.

On the congressional election, Trump said that more Republican women have won in Congress this time than in the past. The Republican Party has become the Workers’ Party of America.

Speaking to Democrats and Republicans, Trump told reporters that there was no blue wave as expected. There are rather red waves.

Citing electoral fraud without any evidence, Trump claimed that the media poll prior to the vote was an interference in the election.

Trump told a press conference that there have been many lawsuits over the election process. Most cases have been reported from his camp camp to prevent counting of votes in a rival state.

He said that the postal vote was mostly unilateral.

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