Iceland’s Prime Minister Katherine Jacobsaud suffered an earthquake shock while giving a live interview to US media outlets. The incident occurred in an interview with the Washington Post on Tuesday by British news agency Reuters.

Catherine, 44, has been in charge of Iceland since 2016. The 5.6 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday shook the country. This has caused some damage in some areas around the capital. Catherine was on the live show during the earthquake.

watch the video:

Reuters has released a video of the incident. There, the Prime Minister was initially horrified when his building was shaken while talking to the Washington Post. But within seconds he was able to answer this question.

While discussing the effect of the coronovirus on the tourism sector, Catherine’s eyes showed signs of fear when the earthquake struck. Panicked, he said, “Oh my God, this is an earthquake.”

“This is Iceland,” she said, smiling as she calmed down. I’m fine “

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