Should high earners be included in the corona costs? This is what SPD politicians are asking for. The CDU politician and Minister of Economic Affairs Altmaier opposes this.

More and more votes are being heard in the SPD to allow high earners to cooperate more with the enormous corona costs. “The people who have weathered the crisis well should help the state to get back on its feet after the crisis,” said the SPD group’s financial policy spokesman in the Bundestag, Lothar Binding, of “Bild”. “That should go without saying.”

Binding thus supports the question from the Minister of Finance and SPD top candidate Olaf Scholz. He had already announced that he would like to raise taxes on higher incomes in the event of a 2021 federal election victory. Federal Economy Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) opposes “tax increases for poison”. He would “not participate” in such a discussion, he told “Bild”. He wants to ensure that there are none in the next parliamentary term.

DIW President sees tax increases as an option

The chairman of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), Marcel Fratzscher, believes that tax increases are an option to replenish the treasury. “The sharp rise in public debt will have to be corrected after the pandemic,” said Bild’s economist.

The best way is that of stronger economic growth. To do this, politicians must stimulate structural change towards climate protection, digitization and globalization much more strongly than before. “If that does not work, then tax increases will be necessary in the long term,” said Fratzscher.

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