Berlin (dpa) – In the Bundesliga, dissatisfaction is growing over the threat of quarantine cases due to the anticipated travel of professionals to coronavirus-risk areas for international matches, the “kicker” reports in his Thursday edition.

“For me it is absurd to send players to risk areas. It is FIFA’s job to postpone these matches or to ensure that players do not have to be quarantined upon their return,” said Stefan Reuter, manager from FC Augsburg. . “It cannot be the case that we eliminate players who are not suitable for us clubs in the Bundesliga,” said SC Freiburg sports director Jochen Saier.

For the September international matches, the World Football Association had relaxed the obligation to retire, giving clubs the opportunity to defend themselves against the transmission of players whose national teams played in risk areas. So far, the clubs have hoped in vain for such a signal for the upcoming games in October.

South American association Conmebol recently reported that it had received corresponding promises from FIFA that Brazilians, Argentines and other professionals from the continent playing in Europe should travel to their teams. The World Cup qualifiers in South America are scheduled to start on October 8th and 13th.

The German national team will also play in Ukraine on October 10, in a country classified as a corona risk area by the federal government.

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