According to Israeli media reports, a senior adviser to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has visited Tel Aviv. Israeli media reports have claimed that Imran’s senior advisor traveled last month. Although the advisor’s name was not disclosed, a senior adviser to Imran Khan, Zulfi Bukhari, denied a visit to Israel on Wednesday, calling it “social media propaganda”. Pakistani media Geo TV reported this.

A source close to the Israeli cabinet quoted several media outlets, including Israel Hume, as saying that Imran’s advisor flew from Islamabad to London on a British Airways flight on 20 November and later from the BA 185 flight of the same airline to Tel Aviv. flew to.

The report claimed that the advisors stayed in Tel Aviv for several days and met several “high-ranking” Israeli officials. During the meeting, he told Israeli officials that Imran Khan had made a “strategic decision” to establish political and diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv.

News of the alleged visit was published on the Jerusalem Post’s website, but was later removed and not published in the daily’s print edition.

Noor Dahri, the founder and executive director of the London-based Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism (ITCT), claimed that the visit took place. On Wednesday, he said, Imran Khan’s advisor visited Tel Aviv using his British passport. He said that Imran Khan has agreed to normalize Islamabad’s relations with Israel for Pakistan’s existing cold relations with Arab countries, as well as some more “achievements”.

In an interview with Israeli news channel I24, Dahri claimed that the US government had approved the visit of a Pakistani advisor in Tel Aviv, which was welcomed by Israeli officials at Tel Aviv Airport.

Pakistani-origin researcher Dahri said the Pakistani prime minister’s advisor met with Yossi Cohen, head of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad in Tel Aviv, and conveyed a secret message from the Pakistani army chief. He then met with senior officials of the Israeli Foreign Ministry and delivered a message to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Dahri said that Arab countries were pressuring Pakistan to come out of Turkey’s faction and establish relations with Israel.

Pakistan traditionally has close ties with Saudi Arabia and Islamabad has huge financial benefits apart from obtaining oil at a nominal price from Riyadh. However, in recent years, Pakistan has become close to Turkey on various regional issues that have damaged Islamabad’s relations with Riyadh and Abu Dhabi.

Last month, Imran Khan said the government was under “intense pressure” from outside to recognize Israel. But he claims that he would not agree to normalize relations with Israel without a solution acceptable to the Palestinian people.

Pakistan’s Special Envoy for Migrants and Human Resource Development Zulfi Bukhari has denied his visit to Israel. He said that he was in Rawalpindi on the day of the alleged visit.

Zulfi said that opponents of Indian and Israeli patronage tried to create controversy. If I am accused of this visit, I would like to inform that I was in Rawalpindi that day. The Deputy Commissioner was with him. There are also pictures of that day.

The Foreign Ministry of Pakistan has not yet commented on the visit.

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