In Corona, 6 lakh students in India took the entrance exam

A large proportion of the students did not want to take the exam this time. He asked to postpone the exam for at least one month. Because, now India has the highest rate of corona infection. About 80,000 people are affected every day by Corona. Consequently, there is a risk that they will be infected while taking the test. But the central government of India was adamant about taking the exam. Chief Ministers of opposition-ruled states protested. He also appealed to the Supreme Court. A decision on that application is still pending. The engineering exam was held on Tuesday. Medical entrance examination will be a few days later.

The test was conducted in two parts on Tuesday. The first part of the test was conducted from 9 am to 12 noon. Then again for testing the next batch of three. The work of cleaning the testing center started after twelve. Special local trains have been run for students in Mumbai. Special buses have been arranged in Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

The students were to stand six feet in the entrance line of the examination center. Masks on everyone’s face, gloves on many hands. The first person was given a sanitizer as soon as he went inside the gate. Then hand-held admit cards, pencils, pens were also sprayed on top. A security guard stood a short distance away with a thermal scanner in hand. He was watching the body temperature of the examinees. Standing next to him, he was searching for them with a metal detector mounted on the tip of a long stick. Testing at Corona, so students were allowed to enter after several events.

This is not the end. Students are allowed to carry water bottles and sanitizers. Before sitting down, they have cleaned the seats and writing area. They are placed at least six feet away. They are then given a form to fill. Like an affidavit. Every student there had to sign in writing that his coronation had not been done.

Nevertheless, many students have expressed disappointment over entering the examination center. He said that it would have been avoided for a month. Source: Deutsche Vale

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