Pro-democracy lawmakers have announced their resignation from Hong Kong’s parliament. He made this announcement at a press conference on Wednesday. Earlier, the Hong Kong government expelled four MPs following a new law introduced by China. He announced this against him. Qatar-based Al Jazeera reports.

The Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress has approved a new proposal to disqualify Hong Kong politicians. The resolution stated that MPs were disqualified if they supported Hong Kong’s independence, denying China’s sovereignty, interfering in regional affairs or otherwise invoking foreign powers to jeopardize national security Will go. The motion further states that the Hong Kong government can directly disqualify MPs involved in such activities without the approval of the court. Following the legislation, the Hong Kong government on Wednesday expelled four MPs from parliament.

“We will resign today because our allies, our allies, have been disqualified by the brutal action of the central government,” said Wu Chi-yi, convenor of the pro-democracy Shibir camp. I know we will face many difficult problems, but we will never give up.

Pro-democracy lawmakers have 19 seats in the 80-seat parliament in Hong Kong. All of them threatened to resign last Monday if any of them were disqualified.

Protests erupted in the region last June when the Chinese government enacted a new security law for Hong Kong. Democrats see Chinese government legislation as an attempt to cover up independence. In addition to widespread protests, several senior officials, including Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam, have faced international restrictions on the law. However, Beijing is not taking into account protests and sanctions.

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