Lawyer Gregor Reiter, director of the German Football Association (DFVV), looks into the camera from the sidelines of an interview. Photo: Arne Dedert / dpa. (Source: dpa)

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – Football professionals only have limited concerns about their high salaries in the corona crisis.

“If a footballer has to fear something, then the question is, what happens after my current contract expires – or if my club has to file for bankruptcy?”

According to Gregor Reiter, general manager of the German Football Association (DFVV), most Bundesliga players still have contracts’ at the ‘pre-Corona’ level, so that in the first instance – apart from the voluntary salary cuts – for the players at least not much has changed in that relationship. “

For the future, much will depend on how long viewers will be excluded. “No one can predict that the spectators will flock to the stadiums again when they are finally allowed,” Reiter warned.

According to the director of DFVV, at the start of the pandemic the salary exemptions for the professional teams were on average between ten and twenty percent. Given the partial lockdown with ghost games, this development has now started again, as many players have an annual income of one or two million euros.

FC Schalke 04 confirmed last week that they had “found a very good, amicable compromise” with the team – valid until the end of the season. Voluntary forgiveness of part of the salary, according to labor attorney Hoefs, is the only way for the Bundesliga clubs to reduce their high personnel costs a bit.

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