In the United States, 58 people have been charged with fraud in relation to the Coronation Assistance Fund

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has filed a lawsuit against 56 people for stealing ₹ 175 million from the Corona Emergency Aid Fund. The US State Department said on Thursday (September 10) that hundreds more people were being accused of fraud.

The 60 billion Pay Check Protection Program (PPP) was established in the United States to help small businesses financially disadvantaged in the Corona situation lockdown. Meanwhile, there have been allegations of fraud with the fund. Criminal gangs have acted in an organized manner to steal this fund. The US Law Department said on Thursday that 500 people have been identified on suspicion of involvement in the fraud. The Law Ministry will work closely with other agencies in the event of this planned criminal activity.

Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian Rabbit said at a news conference on Thursday that “there is nothing surprising about the involvement of this criminal gang.” However, this incident is shameful for those of us who work in the Ministry of Law. We would prefer to take these matters forward. ‘

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