The number of coronavirus cases in the United States has exceeded 6 million. The total number of victims in the country has exceeded this milestone since the announcement of the number of new victims in the last 24 hours on Thursday. The United States has more than 20 percent of the world’s attacks. This is according to data collected by the British news agency Reuters.

The death toll from the Corona epidemic has crossed the 2 lakh record, with the number of victims being 8 lakh. In the United States, more than 600 people die on average every day.

California is the most affected state in the United States. The total number of infected people in this state is more than 6 lakhs. The next most affected are Texas, Florida and New York.

The number of victims in Midwestern states, excluding Ohio, has increased over the past four weeks. The tops are South Dakota and North Dakota. The newly infected people in South Dakota are involved with a motorcycle rally. Thousands of people had gathered for this annual event.

According to a Reuters analysis, half of the 50 states in the United States increased the number of cases in September. Ten states have recorded daily attacks this week. The number of infected people has decreased in the last week after going down for eight weeks.

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