In the western part of the United States, 23 people were killed and many others were missing.

The western part of the United States is devastated by terrible fires. The explosion is believed to have killed at least 23 people. And many people are missing. Residents in Portland and Oregon woke up on Friday (September 11) to see the sun and purple sky in smoke. Firefighters are trying to stop two major fires near Oregon’s most populous area. The state governor said that many people were missing. This information came from the report of the British Media Guardian.

Andrew Phelps, director of emergency management in Oregon, said officers were preparing to deal with a wide range of casualties. And the fire has destroyed thousands of infrastructure. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said 40,000 residents were evacuated and more than half a million people could be evacuated.

A record number of areas have already been burned by wildlife in the western states of California, Oregon and Washington. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has declared a fire emergency. As a result, he will be able to take special measures for the homeless, including opening a shelter. You can close the city’s famous forest park.

In addition, state officials will have to fight against the dissemination of widespread misinformation. Rumors are circulating on social media that organized groups are spreading fire. However, the FBI said in a statement that it had not received any information about the allegations.

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