Democratic candidate Joe Biden has won a dramatic election. But before entering the White House, the newly elected US President was engulfed in controversy. However, he himself did not do any controversial work. The problem is with his son Hunter Biden. The US Department of Justice has launched an investigation into allegations of Chinese involvement and tax evasion. US media CNN reported this.

“I found out yesterday that the US Attorney’s Office had started investigating my income tax,” Biden said in a statement. I attach great importance to this fact. I believe there will be a professional and objective review in this regard.

Hunter claims that I have raised the issue of income tax legally and reasonably. I have followed the advice of professional tax advisors.

In another statement by Tim Biden, the presidential election is very proud of his son. There have been toxic political attacks against Hunter in the past few months. But he successfully dealt with that challenge. This attack made him even stronger.

The statement, which had no name, pointed fingers at President Donald Trump. Trump has regularly accused Biden’s son of tax evasion during his presidential campaign.

However, the direction of the investigation is a source of embarrassment for Biden. Because, he is now announcing the names of his ministers. He will also announce the name of the next Attorney General in a few days. Then he will handle the investigation. Biden will be sworn in as president on January 20. It is better to end the investigation before this. Otherwise, there will be thorns in front of him.

Trump and his allies alleged that while Biden was the Vice President, Hunter used his political connections to expand his business abroad. He became a board member of the Energy Company of Ukraine in 2014. When Biden was charged with a conflict of interest. Because, Biden was then in the making of US policy on Ukraine.

Last September, two committees headed by a Republican member of the Senate issued a report. Hunter Biden’s board membership was problematic and made it difficult for former President Barack Obama’s office to impart the policy impartially. However, the committee did not say which action of Hunter Biden was a hindrance in the implementation of the policy.

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