US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who is visiting India, also said that both Delhi and Washington will work together to counter potential Chinese threats to ensure the security and independence of the two countries. British news agency Reuters reported that he made the remarks while preparing a meeting with Indian leaders.

Pompeo arrived in India on Monday with US Secretary of Defense Mark Asper. His five-day visit to Asia is part of the annual strategic dialogue. The main purpose of the visit is to strengthen strategic ties in the face of China’s growing influence.

The talks are taking place at a time when Sino-Indian tensions are running high along the Ladakh border.

Ahead of a meeting with Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Pompeo said, “Today is a new opportunity for two great democracies to get closer to each other.”

There is definitely a lot more work to be done, Pompeo said. We have a lot to discuss today: dealing with the threat posed by the Wuhan virus or the Chinese Communist Party to protect peace and stability and freedom in the entire region. “

Analysts say the visit is aimed at strengthening political and military ties across Asia to counter China’s influence.

Earlier in the week, US Secretary of State Stephen Began visited Delhi. He referred to China as an elephant in the house.

Pompeo will also travel to Sri Lanka and Maldives after his India tour. China is investing heavily in the infrastructure sector in both Indian Ocean countries. Which has become a concern for India and America. Pompeo’s Asia tour will conclude with a trip to Indonesia.

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