India, Bipin Rawat warn of Sino-Pakistani joint attack

India’s Chief of Defense Staff or CDS General Bipin Rawat said that Pakistan can take advantage of the ongoing Sino-Indian tension in Ladakh. At a seminar on Thursday, he expressed apprehension of a joint Beijing-Islamabad move. He warned that if something like this happened, India is ready to react harshly.

According to Hindustan Times, Bipin Rawat addressed a seminar on the Indo-US new challenge on Thursday. At the time, he feared “concrete action” by Pakistan and China against India. He said that the Indian Army is capable of facing two-way challenge. General Rawat also said what the strategy would be in this regard. Primary and secondary fronts will be determined. On the same day, the army chief went to Leh on a two-day visit to Narvan to review the situation in Ladakh.

Bipin Rawat said, “If there is a threat along the northern border, Pakistan can take advantage of it and create a crisis for Pakistan.” However, we are ready, so that India does not commit such atrocities in any way, then India is ready to give a final response. If Pakistan tries, Islamabad will suffer a lot. ‘

On Thursday, Indian Army Chief Narvan visited Ladakh and briefed him about the situation there. He said the situation on the Line of Actual Control was currently “a bit hot”. But the soldiers are ready to face any challenge.

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