India denied the allegations, accusing China

There was no firing in Pangong late on Monday and Delhi claimed that Indian troops did not cross the Line of Control in Chinese territory. On Tuesday (6 September), India denied China’s accusations and claimed that Chinese troops had fired blank shots in eastern Ladakh on Monday evening. Delhi has also claimed that Beijing is trying to increase tensions by making false allegations. This information was obtained from the Times of India report.

Tensions have been growing between India and China on the Ladakh border for the past few months. India’s Defense Ministry said on Saturday (5 September) that it was agreed to reduce tensions between the two countries. Two days later, on Monday night (8 September), a statement from the Chinese military alleged that Indian troops illegally crossed the Line of Control (LoC) in Pangong Lake and the southern sides of the Shenpao Mountains. A spokesman for the Western Command of the PLA, Senior Colonel Zhang Suili, said in a statement that “during the operation, Chinese forces were forced to retaliate on the ground and to stabilize the situation, including the Chinese border. Deadly threatening shots were fired at the guards. “

However, Delhi has denied the Chinese charge. A statement issued by the Indian Army on Tuesday (September 6) said, “While India is committed to addressing the situation in the LAC, withdrawing troops and removing obstacles, China is stimulating its activities to increase unrest Is continuing. ” The statement further claimed that “at no stage did the Indian Army cross the Line of Control or resort to any offensive methods, including firing”.

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