India enters hypersonic era

India has succeeded in testing a hypersonic-powered vehicle (HSTDV) for the first time which is faster than sound. The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) conducted the test off the coast of Orissa on Monday (6 September). Russia, China and the United States have so far been successful in developing this technology, which is suitable for use in aircraft and missiles. The DRDO has termed the success of Indian scientists as historic. Through this, the organization hopes that India will become self-sufficient and powerful in defense sector.

Any technique that is at least five times faster than sound is called hypersonic. When the speed exceeds three thousand 638 mph, it is commonly called hypersonic speed. Scientists claim that the hypersonic vehicle tested in India is capable of traveling six times faster than sound.

Describing Monday’s successful test as a major breakthrough in the technology, the DRDO chief said, “This test has led to the development of much more complex technology, components and hypersonic vehicles.” Through this, India entered the clubs of some countries which have demonstrated this technique. ‘

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh congratulated the defense researchers on their success. He expressed this success in different tweets

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