In a speech to the United Nations, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has accused the Hindutva government of India of sponsoring Islamophobia. At the same time, he opposed New Delhi’s decision to revoke the exclusive rights of Indian-controlled Jammu and Kashmir. Qatar-based Al Jazeera reported.

In his address to the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, Imran Khan said that Islamophobia pervaded India and threatened the lives of about 200 million Muslims.

“I regret to say that India, a country in the world, is now sponsoring Islamophobia,” he said. The reason behind this is that unfortunately India is now being ruled by the RSS ideology.

He said that he feels that India is not only for Hindus and people of other religions are not equal citizens.

Imran Khan has opposed the decision taken by the Narendra Modi government in August last year to revoke the special rights of Jammu and Kashmir. He said that there would be no lasting peace and stability in South Asia if the Jammu and Kashmir dispute was not resolved according to international law.

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