Indian Defense Minister will tell about the position of China in Parliament

Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is set to address Parliament in Ladakh on the border issue with China. He will address the lower house of parliament on Tuesday (15 September). As per the schedule, he is scheduled to address Parliament at 3 pm local time. The ruling BJP of India has been continuously attacking the opposition Congress over the border issue for the last few days. The broadcaster of the country NDTV gave this information.Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh .com / content / cache / image / 110x110x1 / uploads / media / 2020/09/15 / ed0ec2393b45cd292c3b10f43f5f4580-5f6016e105081.jpg, 'path': 'media / 2020/09/15 / ed0ec2393b45cd292c3f10f3': Defense Minister Rajnath Singh ',' Caption ':' ',' Pushclass ':' jwMediaContent ',' type ':' image ',' width ':' 800 ',' align ':' aligncenter ',' link ':' ',' Target ':' ',' Title ':' Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh ',' Alt ':' Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh ',' Height ':' '}' 'Width =' '800' 'src = '' https://cdn.

For the past few months, the forces of China and India have been facing each other along the Ladakh border. The matter was discussed in the meeting of the Working Advisory Committee of the Indian Parliament on Monday. This means that the issue will be discussed in the next session of Parliament and time will be allotted for it.

Asked if there would be a statement on the Sino-Indian deadlock, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Josi said the government would take a decision considering the sensitivity of the situation and its strategic position. He said that the leaders will be informed on this issue in Tuesday’s meeting.

Pressure on the Indian government to issue a statement has intensified since last April when reports of a Chinese military invasion of Pangong Lake and several other areas have surfaced. Last June, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in clashes between the two countries. The two armies remained in conflict for at least two more weeks. The Indian Foreign Ministry claimed that Indian soldiers were able to repel the Chinese invasion.

Every time after a conflict with China, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi called on the government to reveal the real situation of the LoC and the government’s proposal to resolve the crisis.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Ladakh on 15 June, shortly after 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a confrontation in the Galvan Valley. Though the BJP claimed that the yatra was organized to boost the morale of the members of the army, it was strongly criticized by the Congress. In the all-party meeting, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi reprimanded the ruling party, saying that the government had kept the people of the country in the dark even in the last phase.

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