Recently a resolution was passed in the Legislative Assembly for the recognition of a separate religion for the tribal community in the state of Jharkhand, India. That religion is named Sarna.

There are some differences in the practice of religion among various tribal groups in India, but they are basically nature worshipers.

Indigenous people say that they had the opportunity to refer to their religion during previous censorship. But since independence, they have been forced to choose only one of the major religions, namely Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist etc. The demand for change in this practice has been arising for a long time in the state of Jharkhand.

If the central government accepts the proposal made by Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren, next year’s census form will also include names of Sarna along with Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist and other major religions.

On the other hand, the ruling BJP ally RSS in India believes that the tribal community is actually following traditional Hinduism.

Many people in tribal society have become Christians or they can also follow some Hindu customs. But Adivasi Guru Tigga says that the religion he has practiced for thousands of years is actually worship of nature.

In the language of Bongan Tiger, a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain and Buddhist in India; Along with these six religions, citizens’ identities are recorded during the census. But apart from this, we are also Scheduled Tribes, that is, Adivasis are also residents of India. But we have no religious identity. We are worshipers of nature; The name of that religion is Sarna. ‘

He said that the Swadeshi community wants an opportunity to mention different Sarna religions in next year’s census.

In the words of Bandhan Tiggar, harm Those who worship Dharmesh, Singbonga, Hila Marangburu are followers of Sarna Dharma. Serner’s second name is creation. Water, air, fire, land and sky; We worship the creation through these five basic elements. ‘

He said that the place of worship where the indigenous people feel that the natural God is Sarna.

The word Sarna is also used by the people of the Orio tribe. The language of the tribals has different names like Santal, Ho, Mundari etc.

However, the Hindutvaists do not think that the tribals have a different religion. The RSS also thinks they are part of traditional Hinduism.

Banavasi Kalyan Ashram, a branch of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, has long worked in tribal areas. There are also tribal safety forums to influence the tribals.

Rajkishore Hansdar, the national coordinator of the Janjati Suraksha Manch, was the subject of a study comparing Santali and Hindu culture.

He said that there is no such thing as Sarna Dharma. It is a place of worship for a section of tribals. Indigenous people like Kurmi, Kairi also respect the sanctuary.

In the words of Bandhan Tiger, the han is, in fact, also a follower of tribal traditional Hinduism. I have found many examples during my PhD research. ‘

Hansda feels that his religion cannot be separated from Hinduism in any way. He said that during his research on Santali society, he came to know that about 95 percent of them follow Hindu customs.

In the words of Prince Hansda, in his name the words Ram, Shiva, Lakhan, Sita are also found. Lomata and Babur are seen in the marriage circles of Santalis – both of which symbolize the Brahmin and Vishwamitra Muni mentioned in the Ramayana. There is a practice in the Mahabharata like Bhishma which will fall on the bed. Those who say that Adivasis are only nature worshipers – nature is also the basis of traditional Hinduism. ‘

He complained that politics is happening in the name of Sarna Dharma. It is also a big international conspiracy. Christian missionaries and leftists are included.

When the issue of this interpretation of the RSS and its allies was raised with tribal guru Bongan Tiger, he first sang a song to explain the answer.

The song is like, बाबा Baba Re Ria La in the Indus Valley, Baba Re Ria La in Mohenjo-Daro Harpa Valley….

For thousands of years, tribal society has been singing traditional songs about the tears of the Indus Valley. The song speaks of the Aryan invasion and war on the Aryan Indus civilization.

The Bongan Tiger asks, if the Adivasis were traditional Hindus, then why did non-Aryans fight with the Aryans of Central Asia in the Indus Valley? Indigenous people have differences with Hindus at every moment of life from birth to marriage. For example, Hindus are cremated when they die, but tribals are buried.

In his words, “But if anyone wants to be cremated after death, then he should be cremated. Hinduism has nothing in common with our religion in any sphere of life. ‘

The RSS and its affiliates feel that there is no such thing as a separate religion for the tribals. However, Vandana Tete, the literary of Jharkhand, believes that tribals have always worshiped nature. However, the RSS has gradually introduced Hindu customs and practices into tribal society.

In the words of the literary Vandana Tate, long RSS has been working to influence tribal society for a long time. In the context of Hinduism, he has created the idea of ​​good and evil in the minds of tribals. ‘

“Like we eat beef,” he said. But Hindutvaists kept telling that if cow is considered to be mother, then how can beef be eaten? In many places, cows, buffaloes, pigs and chickens are sacrificed according to the practice of darom. Brainwashing a section of RSS tribals means that it is unfair. ‘

“On the one hand, Hindus say we belong to their religion,” he said. But still the tribals are called asura-rasa-barbar etc. In Hinduism, tribals are depicted as small. ‘

Although the resolution was passed, the name of this religion given to the tribals is Sarna; There is a difference in tribal society about that.

Social worker Alok Kujur said, the word sarna means shawl tree. It is also the language of the Ora tribe. Not all tribals accept the word Sarna. There are three parts with Sarna in Jharkhand. If it was called an indigenous religion, it was probably appropriate. ‘

Alok Kujur said, “It is not right to call the place of worship of Orao tribe the religion of all the tribals.” Each tribe has a place of worship with a different name. Will they accept Sarna Dharma? ‘Source: BBC Bangla

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