In Europe it is considered extinct, in China the plague continues to break out. Now a toddler in the southwest of the country has been infected with the disease. The authorities respond immediately.

In a province in China, a toddler has been infected with the plague. This reports the “Daily Mail” and refers to local media. The three-year-old boy from Yunnan province in southwest China was diagnosed with the disease this weekend. Authorities raised the alarm and quarantined the area to prevent the spread of the disease.

The studies were conducted across the region because the pest pathogen had previously been found in rats. These are considered a possible carrier of the bacteria that causes the bubonic plague, which is deadly to humans. In August, two people in the region had already died of the disease. The boy lives in a remote village in Menghai and has only mild symptoms, according to the Daily Mail. Authorities said his health was stable.

In China there are repeated local outbreaks of the plague, which caused millions of deaths in Europe in the 14th century. There is now a vaccine against the pathogen. Even those who are already infected can be treated with drugs and get back to health.

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