Donald Trump’s niece is suing the US president and two other family members. She had been cheated with much money that was her inheritance. She warns against the Trump family.

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In a dispute over shares in the family’s real estate empire, Donald Trump’s niece Mary files a lawsuit against the US president and two of his siblings. In a lawsuit filed in court in New York on Thursday (local time), the 55-year-old accused them of defrauding her to the tune of several million dollars.

President Trump, his brother Robert, who died in August, and his sister Maryanne – a retired federal judge – conspired against them. The claims against Robert are raised in the lawsuit with his administrator.

Disclosure book describes the unfair deals

Mary Trump had made similar allegations in her disclosure book “Too Much and Never Enough – How My Family Created the Most Dangerous Man in the World,” published in German in August. “Fraud was not just a family business, it was a way of life,” said the lawsuit published by American media. In it she claims damages of at least $ 500,000; the exact amount must be determined in court. A White House spokesman denied the allegations, according to media reports.

In her book, Mary Trump describes how dangerous Trump and the whole family are. (Source: Brian Cahn / Image Images)

After the death of her father Fred Trump Jr. In 1981, Mary Trump, who was 16 at the time, inherited valuable shares in the family business, the lawsuit said. Using a sophisticated system, Donald Trump and his siblings as administrators would have charged huge fees at the time and lowered the value of the portfolio. After all, they would have urged Mary Trump to sign an unfavorable settlement and thus expel her from the company.

In her book, the doctor of psychology warns of an “end to American democracy” if Republican Donald Trump is re-elected in November. In an interview prior to the publication, she told Dpa that she would vote for his Democratic challenger Joe Biden: “I am a liberal democrat.” She also accused her uncle of being a pathological liar and racist.

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