An American police officer has been arrested on suspicion of spying for China. Already charges have been framed against him since his arrest on Tuesday. This officer, identified as Engwang in Bamjad, was allegedly working for the New York Police Department.

Byamdase Engwang, who was born in Tibet, has been charged with trafficking the activities of Chinese citizens in New York. They also worked to identify potential individuals from the Tibetan community, who could provide information in secret.

The officer, who was arrested on Tuesday, was working in the New York Police Community Affairs Unit. If convicted, he could face up to 55 years in prison.

According to prosecutors, Dele Angwang is a member of the US Reserve Army as well as police. He worked there as an expert on civil affairs. He is accused of having contact with two Chinese consulate officials.

In addition to providing information about Tibetan citizens in the city, he has sought to gain access to senior officers in the New York Police Department by inviting Chinese officers to various events.

According to court documents, Engwang told his Chinese counterpart that he wanted to move to a higher position in the New York Police so that he could further help China and make the country brighter.

He has been charged with making false statements about money laundering and attempting to obstruct a formal investigation.

According to court documents, he has received online money from China more than once.

His father was a retired member of the Chinese Army and a member of the Communist Party. His mother is also a party member and former Chinese government official.

New York Police Commissioner Dermet F. Shea said in a statement, as stated in the federal indictment, that Baidamaz has violated every other oath. He has broken all oaths as a US citizen, as a member of the US Army, and as a member of the Police Department.

Tibet is a major Buddhist autonomous region on the outskirts of China. Beijing claims that there have been many reforms in Chinese governance. However, rights activists have claimed that China continues to violate human rights with political and religious aggression there. However, Beijing has always denied the allegations. Source: BBC

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