China has termed the arrest of a journalist working for Bloomberg News Network as an internal matter. Beijing has warned others to intervene as well. This information has been revealed by the British media BBC report.

In the past few days, Chinese authorities have arrested or deported several journalists from various media outlets. A Chinese civilian Hajj Fan was arrested last week on charges of endangering national security.

The European Union (EU) has called on China to release all detained journalists for reporting. The coalition said in a statement on Saturday that it hoped the Chinese authorities would provide Haj Fan with medical assistance to lawyers and family members of their choice if needed. The Chinese Foreign Correspondents Club also expressed solidarity, relying on Chinese foreign correspondents.

The Chinese Embassy in the European Union responded to the EU statement on Sunday. An embassy statement said that Haj Fan is suspected of involvement in criminal activities that endanger China’s national security. Beijing’s State Security Bureau has recently taken legal action against him under the law.

Prior to joining Bloomberg in 2016, Hajj Fan worked for well-known international media outlets such as CNBC, Al Jazeera and CBS News, in addition to British news agency Reuters. Shortly after contacting his editor on 6 December, he was picked up from his residence by white-clad security personnel.

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