The Chancellor’s speech during the general debate was extremely emotional. The chancellor spoke of possibly “last Christmas with the grandparents”. The reactions to Merkel’s appearance.

On Wednesday, Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke in the context of the general debate in the Bundestag. Traditionally, the reason was the budget, just like traditionally it was about much more. This year, one topic overshadowed the speeches: the corona pandemic and how to deal with it. Merkel became unusually emotional: “If we have too many contacts before Christmas and it was the last Christmas with the grandparents, then we missed something. We shouldn’t do that!”

You don’t really know the Chancellor like that – she’s usually better known for her calm and collected demeanor. This did not go unnoticed both nationally and internationally. This is what the press writes about the performance of the German Chancellor:

“Merkel made a speech that was far too conservative”

In the “Frankfurter Rundschau” it says: “Anyone who thinks they are in good hands with her has reasons to do so. Only in tone, style and rhetoric. Those who are still interested in the political content conveyed by the Chancellor in her relatively pleasant way may be too complete. From this perspective, Merkel made a conservative, far too conservative speech: Germany must “go back to what it was,” she said, and “continue to play its part”. There was only one point. in the foreground what could change: the hint of future budget cuts was unmistakable. Despite all the investments, the move towards a new, lasting normalcy, which the country needs in times of climate crisis and social unrest, was felt as little in this speech as in the budget itself. “

“More emotional than ever”

Chillreport assesses Merkel’s appearance as follows: “Chancellor Angela Merkel became more emotional than ever in her speech. That was extraordinary, even experienced parliamentary reporters noticed Merkel’s voice. We had never seen the Chancellor like this.

She appealed to Germany and also to the country leaders, because things look bad when it comes to corona numbers: “I’m really sorry in my heart, but if we pay the price now, 590 people have died. not acceptable, ”she called in a trembling voice.

Suddenly, the unusually emotional Chancellor was back to normal: the cool and rational scientist reappeared. In place of the pleading, almost vulnerable woman, the Teflon Chancellor replied, “I believe in the power of enlightenment. I decided to study physics in the GDR. Because I was pretty sure that a lot can be suppressed – but not gravity, no science, and no other facts either. ”Rumms, that was enough. Or? Read more about Merkel’s speech here in “sunrise”.

“Evidence of Their Despair”

The “Mirror” comments: “It seems that Angela Merkel is getting more emotional with each of her performances. That can be taken as a testament to how serious she is in convincing the Germans to reduce their contacts even further to at least prevent the spread of the coronavirus. It may serve as evidence of her desperation that her known sobriety is having as little effect as the measures taken by the Lockdown Light, which has been in place since November, the pandemic effectively becoming the mother of the nation that wants to protect its people from harm. It is certainly all well-intentioned, and yet Merkel and others who are doing the same could do great damage with this type of communication. …

You can argue like the Chancellor – motherly, dramatically, like a child, hoping that the emotional pull will prompt people to hold back and stay at home. But then don’t be surprised if you evoke totally unwanted emotions: rejection, reluctance and resistance. “

“The crisis chancellor is about to disappear”

The “Berlin newspaper” writes: “The furious apparition cannot hide it: the crisis chancellor is on the verge of disappearing. There is still no successor for her – neither as a candidate for office nor in her party that shaped her for so long. The CDU exists Since then. An interim party leader for almost a year, who had little authority before announcing her resignation. At the end of this long pandemic year, it becomes clear that Merkel can no longer fill this gap. That has less to do with her than with the The fact that on the Everyone just wants to have this Corona year 2020 behind them, hopes rest for 2021, the year Angela Merkel will retire from politics. The politicians she deals with have already realized that. It won’t be long before voters will do the same. It will be interesting to see how this will affect the CDU polls. Angela Merkel can probably do a lot more without doing than the other way around. “

Apparently, the Israeli Prime Minister was also deeply impressed by Merkel’s appearance Benjamin Netanyahu. He is said to have played excerpts from the speech to his ministers:

“An Example of Responsibility”

The Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” notes, “The pandemic shows with dramatic clarity the difference between politics born of responsibility and populism on all sides determined to trample both institutions and science. Boris Johnson has now turned to chauvinistic propaganda after initial denial of the pandemic.” …)

Angela Merkel stands out from Johnson’s demagoguery and ruthlessness. The speech she gave in the Bundestag in which she appealed to her own responsibility to prevent the number of infections and victims from skyrocketing at Christmas was an example of responsibility. Unlike other prominent politicians, she fulfills governmental duties instead of fleeing the propaganda. She bears the consequences of her decisions and is characterized by short interventions and clear messages based on scientific and health criteria. Leadership that does not involve deceit and improvisation requires determination, credibility and knowledge. “

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